Drugs continue to surface all around the state of Montana. Attorney General Tim Fox says one drug in particular is causing an epidemic across the state.

“Since 2010, we have had a 240% increase in the number of charges related to methamphetamine,” said Fox. “It is an epidemic, it really is. It is primarily coming from Mexico and Mexican cartels across our border. We need to sure up our borders for a lot of reasons.”

Fox praises new Highway Patrol K-9 units for some of the recent drug busts.

“In 2013 we had 96 felony drug charges that Highway Patrol started,” Fox said. “We had 292 last year which was an increase of 200 in just two years. It is not just methamphetamine. It is heroin, cocaine and recreational marijuana.”

Fox continues to combat the issues surrounding DUI cases in the state and says they are also symptomatic of the state’s drug problem.