The Missoula City-County Health Department has been keeping track of the rate of flu in Missoula and it looks like the numbers are starting to drop. Infectious Disease Specialist Pam Whitney explains.

“We are finally seeing a good decrease in the cases,” said Whitney. “The state reports that they are starting to see a decrease as well. It was a tough road. It is still out there. If you haven’t gotten a flu shot, that is still the number one way to prevent it and of course good hand washing, but we are finally on the other end.”

According to Whitney, the number of cases started to slow down around the middle of last week.

“The number of hospitalizations has gone down too,” Whitney said. “It has only been within the week. Hopefully we won’t see it spike back up. Since the nation is reporting a lot less cases this week, I am thinking we really are on the downslide.”

Whitney says she can only report on the number of people who have gotten tested. She reported 29 cases in Missoula last week and thinks she will report 26 cases this week.

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