After Hurricane Dorian practically destroyed many of the islands in the Bahamas, Bryan Douglass and the crew of the Miss Montana knew immediately what they had to do.

“This is a mission that we think the plane is built for,” said Douglass. “Our situation allows us to fly to Florida and to help with disaster relief in the Bahamas. Eric Komberec’s been in touch with a number of organizations that are really desperate for folks like us to get down there and use our airplane. We’ve looked into it and there seems to be a pretty clear need for a plane of our size and make the relatively short flights from Florida to the Bahamas.”

Douglass said the flights could be anywhere from 60 to over 200 miles depending upon which islands they will fly to.

Douglass said the chief mission of the Miss Montana will be to deliver food to the islands.

“The mission that we’ve focused on is food,” he said. “There’s an organization that pre-packages and palletizes meals so that they can be placed in an airplane like ours. We’ve got a cargo door and room for six to seven pallets depending upon their weight. It makes it pretty easy to load and unload and it’s really what the airplane was made for.”

Douglass said the crew and aircraft hope to depart for Florida by Saturday evening, and a Go Fund Me site will be set up to help finance the mission, much like the Miss Montana to Normandy project.

Douglass said the plane could be helping out in Florida for up to 30 days, depending upon the need.


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