The Great American ShakeOut is set to take place tomorrow in Montana. FEMA Region 8 Community Preparedness Officer Daniel Nyquist said Montanans will come together to practice how to “Drop, Cover and Hold” in a statewide earthquake preparedness drill.

"It's going to be right at 10 a.m. so you're going to simulate that the ground would start to shake, so drop to the ground, cover your head, and grab on to something stable. That's the best way to ride out an earthquake should it happen," Nyquist said. "Earthquakes can happen anywhere in the country, even though they don't happen too often. Certainly, out west they happen more frequently, but no matter where they are, know the actions to take."

Nyquist said even in the aftermath of an earthquake, safety is still the number one priority.

"Make sure that anything that did get damaged or fell down is re-secured, turn on emergency notifications, so listen to the authorities to see what happened and see if there's any follow up information," Nyquist said. "Again, don't be turning on that radio when the ground starts to shake, take that protective action, and then contact emergency officials. Listen to emergency notifications. The Ready Montana Program up there is a fantastic way to get information during an emergency. That's the best place to go."

Nationwide, Nyquist said tens of millions will be participating in the Great American ShakeOut. For more information, visit the ShakeOut website.

Daniel Nyquist:

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