Missoula’s Notorious P.I.G. and some other local businesses are expected to get some notoriety from The Food Network, which will be coming to Missoula soon to film. The Notorious P.I.G. specializes in St. Louis style BBQ, and employee Burke Holmes says staff found out about the Food Network Visit early this week.

"The Food Network stopped by here in Missoula and visited our restaurant and a handful of others about two months ago and a lovely woman named Hannah Hart came and filmed her TV show, or at least part of it, at our restaurant and they are coming back to interview some of our patrons about our food," Holmes said.

Hannah Hart is well known on YouTube, but whatever she is producing with The Food Network will be her first show on that station. According to Holmes, the as-yet-unnamed-show appears to be a big production.

"We are still kind of wrapping our heads around having them here again, it was certainly a really big production when they were here a month or two ago," Holmes said. "We all thought it was going to be about three or four folks with cameras and it turned out to be more like 25 folks with cameras, so we are going to try to accommodate them as best we can. They're going to be interviewing people that come to the restaurant about the town and our food."

Hart became famous with a YouTube series called “My Drunk Kitchen,” so local breweries and distilleries may end up getting some publicity too. The film crew is expected in town on Thursday January 12th.

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