The Missoula Sweet Adelines are breaking through the COVID 19 barrier by bringing joy to seniors who have been sequestered since last spring, unable to enjoy human contact, with a new program called ‘Dial - a – Carol’.

Candy Johnson provided a brief overview of the Sweet Adelines.

“We sing all over town,” said Candy Johnson. “We've competed internationally a number of times and we go to contests every year and of course that's, that's put off. We normally have a big show every year and of course we can't do that. So, we just sing at every opportunity we can have.”

Candy and two of her fellow Sweet Adelines, Gayle and Cindy, were on Talk Back on Monday to explain how they’re getting live music behind the closed doors of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Dial - a - Carol works this way..anyone can call Judy at 273-2491 or Candy at 543-8280 and one of the Sweet Adelines will sing you your favorite Christmas Carol live on the phone.

Here’s how it might sound:

Are you the lady who sings the Christmas Carols? I am,” she said.  “We're from the Sweet Adelines and we would love to share some Christmas music with you. What Christmas songs do you particularly like? Oh, I love Jingle Bells. Well, I just happen to know Jingle Bells. So here we go. dancing through the snow with a one horse open sleigh, oer the fields we go laughing all the way…”

Gayle provided more contact information for ‘Dial - a - Carol’

“It's Gail w so that's g-a-y-l-e w at r-e-w-a-l-t dot m as in Mary e as in East so it's gayle w@rewalt dot me.”

And, of course, it's all free and for the joy of song.

The Sweet Adelines are celebrating their 75th anniversary.


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