Missoula residents who are frustrated in their attempts to comply with the Affordable care Act can receive advice from a CPA and former state legislator during a lunch meeting on Friday, June 27.

photo courtesy of Joe Balyeat

Former State Senator Joe Balyeat, a CPA with 40 years of experience and also State Director of Americans for Prosperity, will conduct a seminar entitled "Surviving Obamacare 101" at the Elbow Room Restaurant at noon on Friday.

Balyeat explains the presentation.

"It's basically a primer to help understand how Obamacare works, how it affects how your insurance costs, the tax penalties if you don't comply with the law and how you calculate those," Balyeat said. "It's a pretty thorough examination about how the whole program works and how you as an individual can best cope with it. I even talk about how it affects small businesses in Montana."

Balyeat said he will share no fewer than 21 different exemptions that Montanans can use to avoid paying the penalty for not having health insurance.

"There are a number of different hardship exemptions," he said. "They include things like if your old insurance was cancelled and you have the cancellation notice. You can receive an exemption if you've received a shutoff notice from the power company, or if you have received an eviction or foreclosure notice. Some people have even self-orchestrated these examples by deliberately not paying their utility bill for several months, triggering a shutoff notice."

The presentation will be Friday, June 27 at noon at the Elbow Room Restaurant on Stephens, near the intersection of Stephens and Brooks. There is no charge for the presentation.

 State Director of Americans for Prosperity, Joe Balyeat