The Missoula Organization of Realtors has released the survey results of 400 Missoula County residents. Public Affairs Director Sam Sill says MOR conducted this survey to gain a better understanding of community preferences and concerns regarding housing issues.

“Residents said pretty overwhelmingly that the cost of housing in Missoula is too high,” said Sill. “69% said the cost to buy a home is too high and 67% said the cost to rent an apartment is too high. I think peoples perceptions are pretty accurate.”

Sill was surprised to learn that Missoulians are split in terms of what makes an ideal community.

“About half of the people we surveyed want a community with larger lots and bigger houses and more driving, more of a suburban experience,” Sill said. “The other half roughly wants smaller lots, smaller houses, and neighborhoods that are easy to walk in, mixed use neighborhoods that aren’t strictly residential. There are businesses within them.”

MOR is urging city planners to come up with a housing policy where they can accommodate the very different wishes of Missoula residents. You can find the full survey results here.