The University of Montana will celebrate its annual day of giving, The Big Give, on March 24 and March 25. UM Foundation Director of Communications Elizabeth Willy explains what it is all about.

“We are asking big give donors to choose from any one of 24 areas to support,” Willy said. “They can choose to support student success scholarships, the library, the food pantry, or any other programs at the University of Montana. We're looking to get 750 donations or $100,000 to support UM students in just 24 hours. We're asking Grizzlies, wherever they are, to just kind of come together and give to support UM and whatever it is that they love about UM.”

Willy said these gifts will make an immediate difference in the lives of UM students.

“For the colleges and units, we're asking people to give to the impact funds,” Willy said. “Those are the funds that give leadership the most flexibility to direct resources where they're needed, which in this time of the pandemic is important so that we can support students in the ways that they need so they can continue on with their degrees given the times that we're living in.”

There are a lot of Griz fans out there and Willy said folks can support UM’s student athletes as well.

“People can give to athletics,” Willy said. “If you go to, you can find each of the 24 fundraising areas and select the one that matters most to you. Grizzly Athletics is one of those and once you click into that tile, you can choose from any of the sports that you want to designate your gift to support.”

Willy said people don’t have to wait until noon tomorrow to start donating.

“People can give starting now and the day officially goes from noon on the 24th to noon on the 25th of March, but people can give at any time,” Willy said. “They just want to visit Gifts can also be mailed to the University of Montana Foundation at PO Box 7159 Missoula, Montana 59807.”

“Please join the hundreds of UM supporters who are investing in our students and helping us shape the leaders of tomorrow,” said UM President Seth Bodnar.

To get inspired, watch this video about The Big Give.

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