Deputies arrested 39-year-old Charles Gene Maxfield in Stevensville Saturday night, June 2, after a fight broke out at a party.

"What we responded to was a disturbance at a home during a barbecue or a party about 9:00 p.m. that evening," said Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton. "One of the attendees, actually one of the people that lived at the house was having an argument with their roommate over the stereo being too loud and and allegedly, at one point, he unplugged the stereo and then wrapped the cord around the female victim's neck and pulled it tight."

Holton says the man appeared to be pretty intoxicated and others helped the woman escape.

"There were some other people at the barbecue and they managed to pull him off and get the cord from around her neck," Holton said. They are actually the ones that called the Sheriff's office. The suspect immediately locked himself in a room in the house. When deputies arrived they gave him verbal commands to come out and he did and complied from that point on."

In the end, Deputies charged Maxfield with a felony count of Assault with a Weapon for the stereo strangulation attempt.

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