This week, after over 160 people turned out for a hearing over proposed new airport area regulations in Stevensville. Mayor Gene Mim Mack said the regulations are off the table.

"At this point, I think the town council has indicated that they are more comfortable staying with the existing ordinance rather than bringing forward a new one at this time, especially given the input we've had from the folks who live up there," Mim Mack said. "But that was an overwhelming request."

Mim Mack said that many people were upset because they felt they had no representation. Although the airport effected area is in the county, the city of Stevensville drafted the new regulations. Mim Mack said he understands the complaint, but doesn't see it the same way.

"You can get represented in a government not always just by voting," Mim Mack said. "For instance, our airport board, which is an advisory board of the town council, I think five out of the six members live in the county. So we have county residents serving on boards, etc. We feel that brings a county perspective to any issue that we might be thinking about."

Mim Mack said the city of Stevensville has asked the state attorney general to weigh in on the issue, but has not heard back yet.

Mayor Mim Mack: