Two of my brothers got in serious trouble when they were younger, they were attempting to be funny by stealing candy on Halloween. First off, could you imagine if you were the kid who had their candy stolen, that would ruin your holiday. That really isn't funny at all. Secondly, you could get in some serious trouble. In fact my brothers had the police called on them when they stole candy and had to face criminal charges. It resulted in a few hundred dollars for a lawyer, and 10 hours of community service for both of them. It was enough for them to never try something like that again.

Here is your punishment in Missoula county if you were to commit this crime according to Missoula Public Information Office, Travis Welch.

Misdemeanor Theft Charge, with the items equaling less than $1,500 in value. The punishment could be up to $1,500 in fines and/or up to 6 months in jail. For instance if you reach in a kids bag and take candy without permission.

Strong Arm Robbery, with the items equaling more than $1,500 in value or inflicting bodily harm. The punishment could be up to $50,000 and between 2 years and 40 years in jail. Even if you just push a kid down to steal their candy that could cause bodily harm.

Just remember before you think it's funny to take someones candy and ruin their holiday, you could face some serious charges.

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