Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Mayoral candidate Mike Nugent appeared on the KGVO Talk Back show on Tuesday and once again filled up all seven phone lines answering listeners’ questions, while also separating himself from the policies of his opponent Andrea Davis.

Nugent began by touting his experience and reputation on the Missoula City Council.

Nugent said his City Council Experience gives him an Edge over Andrea Davis

“I've been on City Council for a year and a half now, and I keep telling people that's experience that's not entrenched,” said Nugent. “I've seen upfront what our opportunities are and what our challenges are. However, I will tell you, anybody who watches the City Council regularly, would be able to see that I am someone who asks questions; who's not afraid to bring stuff to the floor, and doesn't always get unanimous support from the status quo.”

Nugent on the city Defying 'The Will of the People'

Many Missoula residents believe that the mayor and the city council ignored ‘the will of the people’ when the recent Missoula Crisis Levy was defeated, and then through an emergency declaration, the Johnson Street Emergency Shelter was opened anyway.

Nugent explained that the city is legally required to provide help to those who are homeless in the community.

“I've heard that criticism about the fact that the levy failed, so all of this should just stop,” he said. “However, the reality is it was we saw what was already happening, but through court cases and actions and things like that there are things we have to do. We're feeling that tax pressure in the general fund, so we need to look at our whole budget and start identifying areas where ‘is this a need or is this a want’ because there are some major needs.”

Nugent Called out Andrea Davis as part of Missoula's 'Status Quo'

Nugent also took the opportunity to label his opponent, Andrea Davis, Executive Director of Homeword, as part of the ‘old guard’ or the ‘status quo’ for Missoula.

“There's a lot about the way politics in Missoula have always run that is coming through in this race,” he said. “I will say if you look at the people supporting me, versus the people supporting my opponent; then the people who want to make sure things stay the same are supporting my opponent. They're lining up. The establishment; the ‘status quo’. Yeah, Mike is trying to bring a voice that kind of just asks the questions, ‘why do we do things this way’? and maybe that means we'll keep doing it that way. On some things, maybe it means we'll change it. But Mike's not afraid to ask the questions and it's clearly making people nervous.”

Click here to listen to the entire conversation with mayoral candidate Mike Nugent. His opponent, Andrea Davis is also scheduled to be on Talk Back on October 25 from 9-10 a.m.

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