Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On July 27, 2023, Missoula Police Department officers were dispatched to a report of a physical disturbance near the MRL Park. Officers had been made aware that at least two 911 calls had been placed and information stating one male had been “curb stomped” by another male.  

Upon arrival, officers were informed by witnesses that a male was armed with a knife and another male was on the ground and had been stabbed. One witness informed the officers that the armed male, later identified as 24-year-old Jathan Moreno, was walking northbound on Johnson Street. An officer was able to locate Moreno and noted he had blood on his sweatshirt and on his hands. 

Moreno was placed into handcuffs and stated he had a knife, which he believed was in his front jacket pocket. The folded knife was located by another officer in Moreno’s pocket. Officers also found a tooter straw in Moreno’s pocket, which is commonly utilized for the consumption of illicit drugs. Moreno was then transported to St. Patrick Hospital for treatment of a cut to his finger. 

An Officer Stays With the Victim

During this time, another officer stayed with the 18-year-old victim who had blood on the left side of his body. The officer observed the victim pacing back and forth and stating he was having shortness of breath. The officer asked the victim to sit to prevent further distress.  

While waiting for medical to arrive, the officer observed six stab wounds the victim had sustained, including wounds to his left wrist, left upper arm, the back of his head on both the left and right side, and a deep laceration to his right side. 

The officer remained with the victim as he was being treated at St. Patrick's Hospital, during which time, the victim’s condition deteriorated, and he required two blood transfusions as he had lost a large amount of blood. Additionally, the officer observed two more stab wounds to the back of the victim’s head and learned that after undergoing a CT scan, it was found that the victim had sustained a stab wound to his right flank that had lacerated his kidney. 

Detective Continues the Investigation

A detective continued to investigate and found that the victim and Moreno had both been passengers on the Mountain Line bus in midtown Missoula before the bus driver kicked both parties off. According to court documents, approximately 17 minutes into their ride together, a verbal interaction takes place and the victim is seen reaching out as if to shake hands with Moreno, which is not reciprocated. 

Approximately 30 seconds later, Moreno stands up and grabs his backpack before opening the blade of a knife in his hand. Moreno is then depicted quickly lunging the blade into the victim’s neck. The victim then reacts by burying his head into his lap as Moreno continues to stab the victim on the top of his head. Moreno then moves to exit the bus, at which time the bus driver directs both men to exit, not knowing the victim had been stabbed. 

Further review of the video shows Moreno pacing outside of the bus with his knife while the victim exits the bus. Law enforcement is continuing to gain video footage depicting the ongoing assault after the victim exits the bus, as described by the 911 callers. The victim remains at St. Patrick's Hospital undergoing ongoing medical care for his injuries. 

Moreno is currently being charged with felony attempted deliberate homicide and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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