Warm fall days and cool nights send eight-legged creatures looking for a place to hole up for the winter, and your home is the perfect spot.

Josh Gedney is the 'bug man' with Guardian Pest Control, and he gave KGVO News some details about the fact that people are reporting spiders in record numbers this fall.

"There are the harmless little house spiders that spin the wispy webs in the corner, to the ever-feared hobo spider," Gedney said. "According to what I've read about them, they can live up to three years, so if they can find a warm place to stay, they're much happier than if they have to be outside. There's another spider that's very similar, and that's called the grass spider. He looks like the hobo and also spins a very similar web.."

Gedney said there are also some deadly black widow spiders in western Montana.

"We have a few around here, but they'd rather be where it's a bit hotter," he said. "I've seen a few up in the Butler Creek area, and the new Jeff Drive area seems to be a place where they're being stirred up. You really need to take those very seriously, so if you see one, don't wait, squish him immediately."

Guardian is one of many pest control companies in western Montana. Gedney said he's been treating an average of one house per hour for the past few weeks in the Missoula area.