Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan was in Billings on Sunday to support the reelection of Montana's Ryan Zinke.

Appearing at the Corporate Air Hanger, Speaker Ryan used a football analogy to describe Zinke as a newcomer to Congress who had already taken a leadership role in Washington.

"The House works a little different than the Senate, in that it is a meritocracy," Ryan began. "If you're good, you get the ball and run with it. The point I'm trying to make is that Ryan Zinke is already a quarterback for us. When we needed to lift that oil export ban so we could actually have more jobs in the oil industry, this guy led the charge.When we had a problem with Syrian refugees coming over and we did not think they were properly vetted, this guy led the charge. He is a natural leader, and he is already leading in Congress."

Ryan went on to say that electing Republicans like Zinke will help put the country on the right track.

"This country is at a crossroads," Ryan said. "We have a big decision to make, and that decision will be made by each and every one of you that goes out and votes. I just want to leave you with this. You have a man with great conviction, a man who has led every time his country has called him. He is doing it for you right now in Congress, and we have some much hope for him."

Zinke's opponent, Democrat Denise Juneau wrote a letter to Ryan thanking him for coming to Montana, and requesting a face to face meeting to discuss the dysfunctional Congressional system.

(video courtesy of KTVQ - TV in Billings and the Montana News Network)

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