Missoula’s Mustard Seed Asian Cafe will be providing a special outdoor/indoor dining experience within the next few days.

Southgate Mall’s Mustard Seed Manager Tim Leegan provides details of the ‘Seed Pods’ being set up outside of the restaurant.

“Today we are in the process of putting up the ‘seed pods’,” said Leegan. “There are five domes outside our front door that will seat anywhere from two to six people. We will be taking reservations for them but it's just a unique opportunity or people to have a little bit of a different dining experience and perhaps feel a little safer in coming out and dining with us.”

Leegan described the enclosed domes.

“They actually have a sub floor in them and they are heated and lit and they're appointed very, very nicely,” he said. “We partnered with Southgate Mall and they had some designers work on them, so they're probably a lot nicer than the average dome that you might see out there.”

Leegan said once the security fence is installed, wine and liquor will be served along with the Mustard Seed meal and dessert menus.

“Yes,” he said. “That's the final step in the procedure that we're waiting for. The fence that goes around is still waiting to be installed by Southgate Mall, but as soon as that's done, they will be open and you'll be able to have a full liquor and wine or beer menu.”

Leegan said the Mustard Seed domed ‘seed pods’ will be opening soon.

“Our target date is this Monday or Tuesday depending on the fence, but if anyone might come around and check them, they are fully appointed right now,” he said. “The tables and chairs, cushions, blankets and everything are already inside so you'd be able get a great view of what they look like before you make a reservation that that's the option right now.”

A press release said there will be a $20 usage fee to reserve a pod.

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