Montana residents that attended online college courses run by the company Corinthian Colleges Incorporated will be getting letters in the mail soon offering debt forgiveness for federal student loans. According to Montana Deputy Attorney General Kelly Hubbard, the colleges were found to have been misleading students.

"These are for-profit colleges who were found by the federal Department of Education  to be defrauding their students when it came to their ability to get a job after college and their ability to transfer credits to other colleges and the student's abilities to finish the programs they had chosen," Hubbard said

Hubbard says over 100 letters will be sent out this week, with more to follow.

"This week, 121 Montana residents will get letters from us regarding Everest Institute and University and Held College, later on, we are also be sending letters out regarding Wyo Tech, formerly the Wyoming Institute of Technology," Hubbard said.

This is more than just a debt forgiveness program. For those that already paid off their student loans, Hubbard says the Department of Education will refund any payments already made.

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