There has been some confusion about Missoula County residents not receiving absentee ballots in the mail, even though the primary is Tuesday.

City-County Elections Supervisor Rebecca Connors said the juxtaposition of the primary with a school election might have led to the confusion.

"We've been getting some calls from voters who have not received their absentee ballots yet," Connors said. "What these calls are due to is every two years on even numbered years, voters have to reconfirm their absentee status and make sure that all their information is current with our office, At the end of January, we mailed out over 45,000 letters to voters who were previously on the absentee list asking if they want to renew their absentee status, or go to the polling place for the primary and the November general."

"If the voter did not respond to that letter then they did not get a ballot for the primary. This may be confusing, because in May we had a school election which was all mail ballots, so everybody got a ballot. That may have misled folks into thinking that they are on the absentee list because they had a ballot automatically mailed to them for the school election."

Connors said due to the fact the the primary election is Tuesday, Missoula area registered voters will now have to cast their ballots at the regular polling places.

"The My Voter Page Mt dot com is a fantastic resource," she said. "It provides a sample ballot, directions to your polling place, it will show if you're on the absentee list or not, and if you are, where that ballot was mailed to. There's a lot of great information there."

Connors said same-day voter registration will be available at the Missoula County Fairgrounds from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7. Ballots will be available to fill out for those who are same-day registrants.