Soft Landing Missoula, the group that helped to organize the resettlement of many refugee families in Missoula over the last few years will be holding a ‘Lights for Liberty’ vigil on Friday night at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

Founder and spokesperson for Soft Landing, Mary Poole, explained the purpose of the evening vigil.

“There’s a national effort called ‘Lights for Liberty’ to bring attention to conditions at the border for children and families,” said Poole. “Missoula is one of seven cities across Montana participating, and one of hundreds across the country. At 7:30 p.m. we’ll be gathering at St. Paul’s for a couple of great speakers and some wonderful music for a candlelight vigil.”

Poole explained what the group hopes to accomplish with the event.

“We’d really like to bring attention to the fact that there are increasingly inhumane conditions at the border,” she said. “Six children have lost their lives in U.S. detention, and to also put a call out to all of our elected officials to not just give statements, but to really be moved to action.”

Poole said the vigil is meant to be nonpartisan so that everyone can attend.

“We absolutely look at this as a non partisan issue,” she said. “The vigil is not Republican or Democrat. I think when you’re looking at a humanitarian crisis it’s not a partisan issue when children are losing their lives or if families are being separated for months to years. We’re not looking at this as political at all, we’re just trying to draw attention to the fact that we can stand up for humanitarian causes without it being political.”

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is located at 202 Brooks in Missoula.

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