We may no longer be a carbo-nation of soda drinkers.

A new report by Beverage Digest found that sales of soda dropped for the 11th consecutive year in 2015, dipping 1.2%.

The news gets even worse for the industry. Fortune reports "that annual per capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks dropped to about 650 eight-ounce servings in 2015 – the lowest since 1985."

Could America's love affair with soda be reaching its end? The fact the amount of soda we drink has tumbled 27% in the last 18 years indicates it may be trending in that direction as we become increasingly focused on a healthier lifestyle.

Diet sodas took an especially hard hit, with Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke each tumbling more than 5%.

All is not lost in the soda universe, though. Sprite saw its numbers jump 3.3%, while Fanta soared nearly 8%.

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