Say it ain’t snow! National Weather Service Meteorologist LeeAnn Allegretto says snow is in Missoula's forecast starting on Friday and continuing into Saturday.

“The good news is that it shouldn’t affect anyone down in any particular valley levels, we are talking about 6,000 feet and higher,” Allegretto said. “If you find yourself living in a higher valley, this is common for you at this time of year. If you’re heading into the mountains and you had plans to go into the higher terrain, 6,000 feet and above, you most likely will experience some light snowfall going into this weekend.”

Allegretto explained why they are expecting snow in June.

“We are going to have a pretty robust cold front on Thursday,” Allegretto said. “We are going to drag down some pretty cold air, at least for this time of the year. It will settle over us and just kind of remain here through early next week. Any precipitation that falls, especially high up, will be a snowflake.”

Allegretto encourages folks that had outdoor plans this weekend to prepare for unseasonable cold and raw conditions in the higher elevations.

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