Lincoln County authorities have been kept busy the past few months investigating a number of mysterious fires. Sheriff Roby Bowe says there have been 16 small fires in Libby and 3 in Eureka within the past few months.

"Most of the fires have been under a quarter acre," Bowe said. "Not a lot of property damage. It's been kept to a minimal. The fire department has been out there right away, and they are doing a great job. Between the Eureka Fire Department, the Libby Fire Department, and the Forest Service, they are going a great job at keeping damage down."

These fires may be small in acreages, but Bowe says they look like they are intentional.

"They are human caused," Bowe said. "I kind of want to stay away from the arson, but you know it doesn't appear accidental at this time."

Bowe says there are no leads at this time, and is asking for the public’s help by reporting any information they may have.

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