Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Missoula Redevelopment Agency told KGVO News on Tuesday that the deconstruction of the former Sleepy Inn Motel will take longer and cost more than originally estimated.

Deputy Director of the MRA Annie Gorski explained the details just before noon on Tuesday.

Like Any Old Building, the Sleepy Inn had Hidden Surprises for Workers

“Because this building appears to have been renovated in phases, the contractor has discovered a couple of things as the building has been deconstructed and abatement has occurred,” began Gorski. “They've discovered some additional plaster and drywall material behind existing drywall. They've also found some piping containing asbestos underneath the floor and a larger crawlspace that runs the length of the building.”

Gorski added up the extra costs and the time it will take to bring the building down safely.

The Extra Costs could add up to over $40,000 more for Deconstruction

“(The City) Council in the Missoula Redevelopment Agency board approved in February a contract amount of $283,665,” she said. “With the additional materials and labor and testing, the total contract amount is likely to be increased to $318 828, so we're looking at just about a little over $40,000 in increased costs.”

Gorski said local firms are handling the deconstruction of the motel that provided temporary shelter during the pandemic.

“Three Rivers Landworks is the contractor who's overseeing the work and then they've hired two sub-consultants,” she said. “They include Heritage Timber, which is a local deconstruction firm that is doing the deconstruction work, and then ACM (Abatement Contractors of Montana) is the contractor doing the asbestos abatement in the building. The contractor has to follow both state and federal regulations. Those have to be disposed of according to state and federal regulations so they're bagged and disposed of separately.”

The Estimated Completion Date for Deconstruction is now May 12

Gorski laid out the new timeline for the completion of the former Sleepy Inn Motel’s deconstruction.

“The substantial completion date for this work is now May 12th,” she said. “So in the next week to two weeks, folks will see as they're driving by the salvage material and all the wood material that has been taken out of the building will be removed and recycled from the site. It will all be removed and cleared and then the asbestos work will also finish up and then that last piece that folks will start to see is that the remaining structure that's left will come down here in the next couple of weeks.”

Following the completion of the deconstruction, the site will be put up for sale to a bidder who will comply with the West Broadway Strategic Plan.

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