Whether it's driving or walking, getting through snow can be a nightmare, but the biggest hazard of all may be shoveling it.

Shoveling snow causes more than 11,000 people to go to the hospital each year, while 100 die from it.

The cold weather associated with being outside while removing the powder can increase your chances for a heart attack, especially if you already have heart problems, blood pressure or are overweight, smoke and live a non-active lifestyle . There's also the fact people tend to hold their breath and shovel snow early in the morning, which does not help the odds.

One cardiologist tells the Washington Post, "Physically, what happens when you get really cold is you have constriction of the blood vessels. It decreases the blood supply you're getting to your vital organs."

With all that in mind, it's important to remember the right way to shovel snow. You can check out the helpful video below to get tips on what you should and should not do when clearing away the powder. Your body may thank you for following the right technique.

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