Smoke seems to be clouding the sky over Missoula today, Tuesday, July 31 and according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Travis Booth, the smoke is coming from far-away wildfires.

"We have a bit more of a South-West flow today and we're actually picking up smoke from the wildfires that are occurring in Northern California, previously we had morth of a North or Northwest flow, since we switched around to the Southwest it's just bringing more in our direction."

The smoke may get pushed out soon, if the weather changes as expected.

"It looks like it will continue through the day on Wednesday," Booth said. "We'll have a dry cold-front come through on late on Thursday and into Friday morning. and that should help mix things up and, I wouldn't say clear it out, but at least decrease it somewhat."

Though the sky may look smoky air quality conditions in Missoula were still moderate throughout the day yesterday and they were actually rated as good down in the Bitterroot.

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