As I've put this series together, I've been bothered by how surprised most of us are at the reality of sexual assault.  While it happens to about one-fourth of women, it isn't talked about so much, it is reported less, and it is prosecuted even less.  It seems that only the people in advocacy, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system aren't surprised, if only because they have more experience with the topic.

In today's program I ask YWCA of Missoula's Cindy Weese how her 20 years experience in this field has shaped advice she offers to young men and women.  You'll find her comments interesting... 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a website with advice for men and women.  It identifies contributing factors that repeatedly surface in acquaintance assault and rape situations, such as:

  • ineffective communications
  • the use of drugs and alcohol
  • sex role stereotypes

You can read the WPI's full list of advice for men and advice for women here.