Montana’s senior Senator Jon Tester had his turn at the microphone on Tuesday to tell his fellow Senators about how he would vote on the articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump, and left no doubt of his intentions.

“Tomorrow we’re going to vote on whether to convict or acquit the President on taking taxpayer dollars and withholding them from an ally who is at war with an adversary for his own personal and political good,” said Tester. “We’re going to vote on whether to convict the President of withholding information from the entire Executive Branch and the only ones that testified were those patriotic Americans who defied his order, and we’re going to vote on whether he obstructed Congress. This is a no brainer.”

Tester said plainly how he would vote.

“He absolutely, unequivocally is guilty of both Article One and Article Two of the impeachment,” he said. “So, the question is this. If it goes as expected tomorrow and the President is acquitted, where do we go from here? I am very concerned about where we go from here, because the next President will use this precedent to not give any information to a coequal branch of government when we question them. The next president will use this as ‘geez’ if it’s good me and my election then it’s good for the country, as Dershowitz said, then Katie bar the door.”

Tester went so far as to quote Congressman Adam Schiff.

“As Chairman Schiff said yesterday, if you think this President is going to stop doing these actions, then you’re living on a different planet than I’m living on,” he said. “This will empower him to do anything he wants, and at some point in time, if you want to listen to what the framers said, at some point in time we’re going to have to do our Constitutional duty, because it appears we’re not going to do it this time.”

The President is expected to be acquitted primarily on a party line vote.

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