It was a visibly shaken Senator Steve Daines who arrived late to a forum of veterans at the American Legion Hall on Monday afternoon to get their comments on the situation in Afghanistan.

Daines explained that he was listening to a veteran who had just escaped from Kabul, Afghanistan did not want to hurry the visit.


“I just had an incredible discussion with a young man and his wife and his little baby who escaped Kabul two weeks ago,” said Senator Daines. He was working direct with our special forces for many years and was a mine sweeper who was out in front protecting our troops on the ground there. Had he not gotten out, he said the Taliban would have killed him, killed his wife and killed his beautiful baby. So as you can imagine, it was a very heartfelt kind of conversation.”

He said his entire day has been taken up with deep conversations about the U.S. and its actions in Afghanistan.

“I started my day earlier with one of our Green Berets, a Purple Heart recipient who was nearly killed in Afghanistan about a year and a half ago, and he told me his own stories about his Afghan allies who are their brothers on the battlefield who saved many, many lives,” he said. “It was our duty and our honor to make sure that those folks were protected. The Taliban have their lists and as we leave Afghanistan, many of them will be brutally killed.”

One man in the forum, a Vietnam era veteran, said the U.S. also abandoned what they termed ‘Kit Carson’ scouts to the North Vietnamese.

We always assumed that the army was going to take care of our of our Kit Carson scouts at a minimum for all the stuff they did, right?” he asked. “Well, I didn't think about it until about 2003 and I started to do research because I wanted to look up the guys that I served with. And you know what I found out, Senator, about all the Kit Carson scouts in Vietnam? We abandoned them, and we left them there and when the NVA came in, they slaughtered them.”

Daines said even though he did not serve in the military, he felt the pain and betrayal shown by the Biden Administration to America’s allies in Afghanistan.
“What I do not understand is why you give up Bagram (Air Force Base). “It's fundamental, and I'm not even in the military. You all are distinguished veterans. Why isn't Bagram the last place the plane takes off and not Karzai? I don't understand. I really don't fundamentally. I'm disgusted with what's happened. It's outrageous. It's been a disaster, no ifs, ands or buts.”

There were also representatives at the table of the International Rescue Committee.


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