In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, Senator Jon Tester spoke up and asked national security and law enforcement officials about how they intend to keep America safe from terrorist threats.

"I think that there's not anybody that serves on Congress that doesn't want to make sure that this country is as secure and as safe as it can be," Tester said. "I think what happened in France rattled people to their soul. We need to make sure that the work you're doing fits the risk."

According to a press release, Tester asked Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez questions "to ensure that the vetting process for refugees is stringent and prevents potential threats to Americans."

"The attacks in Paris showed us the very real threat that ISIL poses to Western democracies, including the United States," Tester said. "We have to take this threat seriously and do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the American people.  But in our efforts, we have to be smart. We cannot afford to sacrifice the American values that make our nation great, because that’s exactly what the terrorists want."

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