Students everywhere wouldn’t complain when asked if they would prefer going to school four days a week instead of five. Seeley-Swan High School Principal Cat Pecora said their school district has been looking into shorter school weeks for a number of reasons.

"We had a staff meeting just before school started and we talked about some of our concerns that we couldn't figure out how to address," Pecora said. "One of those was attendance. Especially when athletes are gone, we lose more than half of our student body. Because we're so far away from other schools we play, often times that's for a good part of the day."

A second concern was finding time to help other students who may be struggling with their school work.

"We know that intervention time, or one-on-one time with kids and teachers, was the most effective way to help kids," Pecora said. "If we have a Friday, and that's the day that we don't come to school, we would have that intervention time that Friday morning. It would have to add an hour to the school day."

Pecora said there are schools across the country are already on a four day school week. She said hers are qualified as “four plus” including the half-intervention day on Friday.

The next step is to take the plan back to the Seeley-Swan community about more specific things. So far, Pecora said the response has been positive.