The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival ended a couple weeks ago and it was one to remember. According to Executive Director Rachel Gregg, the festival was a great success this year and they noticed significant growth.

“We saw a pretty good uptick in attendance,” Gregg said. “We had amazing feedback from the community, attendees, and film makers who were here in town. On average, we had about 20 more people per screening, which was really amazing. That equated to about a 17 to 18 percent increase in attendance for us, which was fantastic. We are really excited to report that the revenue reflects that, which is really helpful for our tiny non profit that runs the festival.”

Gregg shared what she enjoyed the most about this year’s festival.

“What is most memorable for me is meeting the incredible people that come to town,” Gregg said. “That is why this is a festival and a punctuation for Missoula every February. So many people come. I think that we had record film maker attendance this year, but I haven’t actually counted those numbers yet. We had a new programmer this year that was really proactive about recruiting people to come and attend.”

Gregg says they have already begun plans for next year’s festival. They will start raising money in the next few months and 2021 submissions we be open sometime in May. You can find out more about the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival right here.

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