19 year-old Scout Moon French was arraigned in Missoula District Court on Wednesday for his alleged participation in several armed thefts and burglaries that occurred in Lolo in early December.

French appeared via ZOOM before District Judge Leslie Halligan who informed him of the charges.

“You are charged by way of information with three offenses, and all three are felony offenses,” said Judge Halligan. “The maximum total of penalties associated with these alleged offenses is 60 years at the Montana State Prison and possible fines of up to $70,000. The charges are count one, aggravated burglary, a felony, count two, criminal endangerment, a felony, and count three, theft as common scheme, also a felony.”

French was represented by Reed Mandelko from the Missoula Public Defenders office and offered a request by the defendant, who is in jail on a bond of $100,000.

“We're not going to ask the court to release Mr. French, but he would like to be permitted to be transported in custody back to the Flathead County jail to coordinate with his defense attorney there,” said Mandelko. “So I haven't spoken to Miss Koepke about what her thoughts might be regarding that, but I'm not opposed to that, at least for the next few weeks.”

Judge Halligan addressed Deputy County Attorney Selene Koepke about the request for French to address a previous charge in Flathead County, and if she had any objections.

“Judge, I guess if he wants to go address his petition to revoke up there, which has a crime here as the basis for that petition, I guess the state has no objection,” said Koepke.

Judge Halligan then spoke to French granting permission to be transported to Flathead County.

“So Mr. French, I have no objection to you transitioning to Flathead County,” she said.  “Understand that you'll still need to make appearances here and that these charges are pending, and that you'll need to also stay in regular contact with Mr. Mandelko so that he can effectively represent you.”

The judge set an omni hearing for French on February 12 in Missoula County, and allowed French to be transported to Flathead County.

His bail was continued at $100,000.

His co-defendant, Treylind Lafley is still in the Missoula County Jail on $100,000 bond.


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