Our weather the past few weeks has been like putting a 4-year-old to bed.

You know the drill. The tantrums. The crying. Gradually lessening until the evening is peaceful again.

It seems like Old Man Winter is doing the same thing. After successively smaller drops of fresh snow this week, we're headed for one more round with his "attitude" before he's finally turned out by the calendar.

The National Weather Service has issued another Winter Weather Advisory for Friday, saying Western Montana, and especially the terrain along the Montana-Idaho border will see periods of heavy snow and gusty winds before things warm up again for the weekend.

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Snow could be heavy at times

NWS forecasters are expecting the snow to really kick in Friday morning, and then continue throughout the day. That could leave anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of new snow on the valley floors and higher amounts in the mountains, creating tricky driving conditions over the passes. They warn that some of the snow showers could be intense, creating periods of limited to no visibility if you get caught driving when one of those "snow bands" hit.

The calendar is in our favor

While the snow is expected to be a threat throughout much of the day Friday, high temperatures could rise to the point where the snow turns over to freezing rain, or just straight rain in the afternoon. However, as temperatures drop into Friday evening, the precipitation will turn back over to snow, with additional light accumulation coming to an end Saturday morning.

However, the second half of the weekend is looking more like spring, with mostly sunny skies and highs into the mid-40s, which could be a preview of what's to come next week.

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