Congressman Ryan Zinke’s wife Lola Zinke has been picked to help with Donald Trump’s transition team dealing with the Veterans Administration, the reform of which was a regular focus of Trump’s campaign. Her husband Ryan Zinke spoke highly of the pick and gave some background on his wife’s experience.

“She served on Admiral Borda's staff, he was the top naval Admiral in Europe. She worked on total quality leadership and management and processes,” said Zinke. “Of course being a spouse of a 23 year veteran, the mother of a Navy diver who married a Navy Seal, she has first hand knowledge of what veterans face.”

Zinke spoke to KGVO while on a train from New York to Washington D.C. and was asked if he had been to Trump Tower for an interview for a possible cabinet position.

“I was in New York, but I am pretty happy being Montana’s Congressman,” Zinke said. “My relationship with the President Elect is the best interest of Montana. There certainly are issues I would say that have not been prioritized as high as I think they should be. Particularly when it comes to our waters, we have the farm bill coming up which is important that Montana has a loud voice.”

In May of last year, before the primary was even finished, Zinke disclosed that Trump had spoken with him about possibly running as a Vice Presidential candidate. Though that spot has since been filled by Mike Pence, the Secretary of the VA spot is still open.