Republican Ryan Zinke is in the midst of a campaign to retain his seat in the U.S. House, but many people are wondering if he plans on challenging Democrat Jon Tester for his Senate seat in two years. Here’s how Zinke is answering that question.

"My answer is this: it is absolutely important for Montana, I would say critical, to have a strong member in the House that is able to work with both the senators or a senator on that side," Zinke said. "You need both because all of the funding bills start on the House side. It is not good trade to have two senators and lose the House."

Although Zinke may not get involved in a Senate race another Navy Seal from Montana may challenge Tester. Zinke says he has conversations with Rob O’Neill, the Navy Seal now famous for killing Osama Bin Laden about running.

"You know, I have [spoken to Rob O'Neill about running for office] and Rob has not said 'no,"' Zinke said. "Right now, Rob is on a tour and giving speeches and doing well, but it has come up and Rob has not said 'no,' so... we'll see."

Zinke also said he thinks O’Neil would have a better shot at beating Tester if O’Neil decides to run.

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