Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson with the Independence Institute in Denver was on the KGVO Talk Back show on Monday to discuss the attempt by President Trump’s legal team to have certain states overturn the November 3 election.

Natelson, a former UM law professor, said there is a fundamental misunderstanding about the time frame in which to legally challenge the Presidential election.

“You may have seen something come out today in the news put out by an organization claiming that that the states have until inauguration day to deal with this issue,” began Natelson. “That's not true. They've only got until December 14, because that is the day authorized by Congress pursuant to the Constitution for the electors to vote.”

Natelson said the President’s legal team has been making claims they cannot fulfill.

“What they've been doing is kind of over promising,” he said. “Now, I think they've got something there, at least in some states. I mean, I think they've got enough questions that while it might be tough for a court to overturn the election, that a state legislature could legitimately say, we don't really know what how this election turned out.”

Natelson said large sections of ballots suspiciously appeared in several states that turned the election from Trump to Biden.

“In the case of Georgia and Pennsylvania, each one of these tranches showed a decrease in Trump's margin by a multiple either of 4800 in Georgia or 6000 in Pennsylvania,” he said. “Again and again, every tranche that came in, showed Trump falling further and further behind by multiples of the same margins. I mean, nobody should be happy with that.”

Natelson, who ran for Governor of Montana himself, has been a close follower of political races for decades, and offered this comment.

“I've seen a lot of corrupt elections. And I've never seen. maybe I've missed one, but I've never seen a corrupt election at the state level or higher where the Republican won,” he said. “The corruption always seems to work for the Democrats. So, I mean, if someone can remind me to the contrary, that's fine. But the last very seriously corrupt election in American history was 1960, which was arguably stolen by the Democrats against Richard Nixon.”

John F. Kennedy won the election over Richard Nixon in 1960 by 112,000 votes.


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