Representatives of the Republican National Committee’s $200 Million program will be in Missoula on Tuesday to meet local press to explain how GOP candidates can utilize the data in their campaigns.

Regional Communications Director Christiana Purvis said their RNC data program is already active in Montana political races.

“We have a data program that is very much active in Montana that we’ve been building up across the nation,” said Purvis. “We’ve put over $250 million into the program since 2012 and we are using that to help our candidates get elected across the country. Locally, we’ve used that data during the special election in Montana, as well as other special elections nationwide. We believe in our predictive analytics program and we believe it can help Republicans get elected and defy history in November.”

Purvis commented on what some media sources are calling the coming ‘blue wave’ of predicted Democratic victories in November.

“We are still waiting for the ‘blue wave’ to come through,” she said. “Obviously, I know we have a tough election coming up and we’re going to have to work hard to protect our majorities coming out of a presidential election, but we’re confident in our data program to get our candidates a victory.”

Purvis explains how local candidates can utilize the data that the Republican National Committee has gathered.

“We gather data about voters in every county to create an algorithm that shows local campaigns how to target the best voters at the best times, to make sure that we’re cutting through all the noise and we’re talking to all the voters that we’re supposed to be.”

Purvis said the RNC data team has been working especially hard to help Matt Rosendale find the right message to share with voters to help defeat incumbent Democrat Jon Tester.

Purvis will appear on Tuesday’s Talk Back show at 9:00 a.m.


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