KGVO’s Talk Back hosted state leaders from both political parties on Tuesday, and following State Democratic Chair Robyn Driscoll, it was State Republican Party Chair Don Kaltschmidt’s turn for commentary.

Don ‘K’ as he likes to be called, started by praising the Gianforte administration for its leadership of the state’s economy.

“Good news,” began Kaltschmidt. “Montana is the in the top five states in the nation for jobs recovered since the pandemic thanks to Montana Governor Gianforte's leadership. Montana's unemployment rate has actually decreased point 3 percent in November to 2.8 percent, tying the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded in the state.”

Don ‘K’ continued to heap praise on the Gianforte administration’s handling of Montana’s economy.

“Gianforte is getting out of the way,” he said. “He's a businessman and heads up the Republican leadership. For the third month in a row the number of employed Montanans hit a new record high of 528,000. I think that's just an unbelievable statistic. The numbers really just don't lie. Republican states are leading the way in economic recovery. They just are.”

Kaltschmidt then turned his attention to the Biden Administration and its handling of the nation’s economy.

“Despite the threat of more inflation by President Biden and the Democrats in Congress, they tried to ram through a destructive legislative bill called Build Back Better which I like to call a Build Back Broke Act, which was bloated nearly to $2 trillion in additional spending in addition to what we've already done,” he said.

Kaltschmidt praised West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin while at the same time criticizing Montana’s senior Senator Jon Tester.

“It did take one Democrat senator to slam the door on Joe Biden's Build Back Broke act and over the weekend of that Democrat senator said there was he was a no vote on the reckless spending bill,” he said. “Now, I wish I could say that was the senator from Montana, who claims to be a moderate. It was actually West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who really is a moderate and understands the state that he comes from unfortunately, Senator Tester does not.”

Kaltschmidt was recently reelected as the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party.

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