This is a website you’ll want in every device and computer going forward, it’s .

This is the website associated with the Missoula County COVID-19 Vaccine Coordination Team as it prepares to help provide COVID 19 vaccinations to thousands of men, women and children throughout the county.

Public Information Officer Nick Holloway spoke with KGVO News on Wednesday to provide basic information about the website and the efforts of the coordination team. Holloway said even though Governor Gianforte has announced the start of vaccinations for Phase 1 B, Missoula is not quite ready.

“We still have some work to do to get through 1 A before we're all ready to move on to the 1 B phase,” said Holloway. “A lot of our providers are working diligently to get health care and law enforcement folks and emergency response folks completely vaccinated before we move on to 1 B.”

Holloway said the progress of the vaccinations will be fluid as time goes on.

“Not all places in the county are going to move on to 1 B at the same time either,” he said. “Some people, some organizations may be finished with 1 A and move on to 1 B while others are still in 1 A, and we don't want to hold back those organizations from going to 1 B.”

Holloway said the Coordination Team has been working closely with the 26 vaccination providers in Missoula County.

“We've been out building out some infrastructure to help residents navigate options for vaccinations and ensure that they can get vaccinated when it's their turn,” he said. “To do that we've been coordinating with vaccination providers across the county. We need to know their current supply and what their anticipated need is we are also supporting mass vaccination clinics logistically and with information, so we're setting up a call center that can help with scheduling and answering residents’ questions about vaccinations as well.”

Holloway provided the website that will be updated constantly to provide the latest information.

COVID-19 dot, and that will have a list of current vaccination providers and other vaccine data for folks to take a look at,” he said. “We're still building out that list. We haven't been up and running very long but our team has reached out to all 26 providers that are identified so far in Missoula County, and we are going to fill that list in as more information comes and as more providers get vaccine in their stores.”

Holloway’s best advice as the team gets started is to stay in contact with your own healthcare provider, and for those without adequate computer skills to reach out to a neighbor or friend who can assist them in navigating the website.

There is no call center phone number as yet, but as soon as it is ready, KGVO and other media outlets will publish the number.


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