Missoula set a new record for the number of days without ‘measurable’ rainfall, but that record fell on Monday morning with light rain in western Montana.

“We actually did set a new record dating back to 1948, because that’s when we started taking precipitation records here at the airport, so we went 47 days without measurable precipitation, and that’s anything greater than a trace,” said Meteorologist Luke Robinson with the National Weather Service. “We hadn’t had any rain over 1/100th for 47 days until this morning, and that’s one streak we’re glad is over.”

Robinson said the rain showers are predicted to continue through the afternoon, including the possibility of some thunderstorms.

“Later on this afternoon we could probably see a few stray thunderstorms. But most of them will probably be much further south of Missoula down in southwestern Montana and in Lemhi County in Idaho,” he said. “I can’t rule out a lightning strike or two around Missoula proper.”

Robinson said the rain and wind may help lessen the smoky haze and improve Missoula’s air quality somewhat.

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