Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On May 2, 2024, a complainant called 911 after witnessing a near accident at the intersection of US 93 and Blue Mountain Road. She said a red or maroon car drove through the red light in the left-hand land at full speed and narrowly missed striking a silver sedan. She reported that the silver car had to slam on its brakes to avoid the collision. The maroon car continued south with no lights on. 

In the vicinity of the 87.4 mile marker, a Montana Highway Patrol trooper saw a car with no headlights on driving directly towards him. The trooper said the car was driving south in the northbound lanes and he swerved to avoid a head-on collision. The trooper honked his horn and turned on his overhead lights as the car passed him. The driver stared at the trooper with a blank expression as he passed by. 

The trooper caught up to the suspect vehicle as it passed Glacier Drive. The car did not seem to be trying to evade the peace officers. Rather, it did not react to their lights and sirens at all. The trooper cycled through different siren sounds and utilized his air horn alternatively to get the driver’s attention. 

Suspect Eventually Comes to a Stop 

The suspect vehicle drove at or below the speed limit with no lights on. The vehicle eventually turned left onto Lolo View Drive, pulled into the driveway, and came to a stop at the garage. 

The trooper exited his vehicle and commanded the driver to stay where he was. He approached the vehicle and saw the only occupant was a male who was later identified as 29-year-old Lincoln Rogers.  

According to court documents, the trooper could smell the overwhelming odor of vomit and consumed alcoholic beverages emanating from Rogers’ person. He noted there was drool coming from the bottom of Rogers’ bottom lip. The front of his pants and shirt were wet with vomit.  

A corporal had Rogers step out of the car and walk back to the trooper’s patrol vehicle. When asked for his driver’s license, Rogers fumbled with his wallet and exhibited a lack of dexterity in his fingers as he produced his license. 

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The Suspect Admits to Consuming Alcohol 

When asked how much alcohol he consumed, Rogers stated, “I promise it’s not that much.” His words were slow and slurred, he swayed when he talked, and the smell of the consumed alcoholic beverage was strongly on his breath. The trooper read Rogers the PAST advisory and asked him to take a PBT, but Rogers declined. 

Rogers was placed under arrest and was transported to the Missoula County Detention Facility. He is currently being charged with two counts of felony criminal endangerment, DUI first offense, failure to yield to a law enforcement vehicle, failure to obey red traffic signals, and failure to use a seatbelt.  

On May 3, 2024, Rogers made his initial appearance in Missoula Justice Court and his bond was set at $20,000.  

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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