On Saturday night, January 24, a Stevensville resident found himself at the mercy of the owner and bar tender of the Rustic Hut after a violent outburst led to the patron being handcuffed with duct tape. 

According to Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman, workers at the Rustic Hut believed Jeremy Estep (age 27) was too intoxicated and asked him to leave.

"The bar tender had his ID in possession," Hoffman said. "They asked him to leave, they told him to 'go home and sober up' and to come back the next day to pay his bar tab and get his ID back, but the individual wanted his ID right now."

Later that night, Estep reportedly came back to the bar. This time, Hoffman says he was "assaulting" the bar tender and the owner of the bar by "picking up a glass item and swinging it." The bar staff responded by subduing Estep and tying his hands together with duct tape, until Sheriff's deputies could arrive.

"Frankly, it was probably a pretty smart thing," Hoffman said. "I'm not advocating that people duct tape each other, but given the fact that the man was assaulting them. Taking him into custody like that and conducting a citizen's arrest, to me I guess I would view more like they did what they needed to do in self-defense without having to hurt this man."

According to Hoffman, Epsten was charged with Assault With a Weapon, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Trespass, Driving Suspended, and for First Offense DUI. Epsten made his initial court appearance on Tuesday where his bail was set at $30,000.