Former Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey has apparently disappeared after a series of investigations and lawsuits over mismanagement in the treasurer’s office. Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright says that difficulties in finding Stamey have delayed the lawsuits against her.

"It's in limbo right now," said Fullbright. "The lawsuits were filed back when this was all being decided by the commissioners. Since that time, we have not accomplished personal service of that lawsuit to Stamey and it till that happens, of course, a lawsuit like this can't go forward."

Fullbright says County Deputies have been searching.

"She has not been located by Sheriff's Deputies who have attempted to serve," Fullbright said. "We have had the anecdotal reports of people that may have seen her here or there, but by all appearances it appears that she is not in Ravalli County, maybe not even in the state of Montana."

If she cannot be found, the lawsuit against her can still go through, it will just take a different route. Fullbright said he will approach the county commissioners to make a decision on the matter if Stamey can’t be found over the next two months.


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