Ravalli County officials have been searching for more than a year for former County Treasurer Valerie Stamey, who disappeared back in 2014, while deputies were attempting to bring her a court summons. According to Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fullbright, Stamey has been served.

"The Ravalli County Sheriff's office investigation continued on, trying to locate her," Fullbright said. "We had a number of misses, so to speak, in trying to find a valid residence. They came up with some information and an investigator in my office did some follow up... the combination came to locating the residence that she and her husband were living in, in South Carolina."

The summons was served by a private investigator who was called in after law enforcement in South Carolina wasn't able to hand-deliver the papers to Stamey. Fullbright says the charges involve costs accrued by the county during Stamey's time in office. Included in the summons is a $29,000 charge for lack of performance.

"This is the lawsuit that the county filed against Mrs. Stamey back in 2014 seeking recovery of the money spent auditing the books and so forth at the time, that ultimately led to her termination, as well as the statutory penalties that are available under Montana law," Fullbright said.

Chris Hoffman from the Ravalli County Sheriff's Department says Stamey was found after a tip was called in, and after Stamey herself filed a lawsuit against the Bitterroot Star, citing a South Carolina residence. Stamey has 21 days to respond after receiving the summons and Fullbright expects to here from her at the end of the month.

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