After a shooting incident near downtown Missoula early Monday morning, the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office has been asked to conduct the investigation.

Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton said whenever both law enforcement agencies in Missoula are involved in a shooting, another agency is called on to investigate.

"It's really pretty common whjen that happens and law enforcement is on scene to bring an uninvolved outside agency in to investigate," Holton said. "It's our investigation now and we'll give the final results to Sheriff McDermott. Right now, the biggest thing we're trying to do is to identify and interview all of the witnesses. It happened near downtown Missoula, as I understand, so there's a lot of people to talk to and try to determine exactly what occurred this morning."

Holton said no arrests had yet officially be made as of early Monday afternoon, however, several people are being detained for questioning.

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