Ravalli County Commissioners issued an emergency proclamation on Monday morning due to the increasing flood danger from The Bitterroot River and other waterways.

Commissioner Greg Chilcotte said the proclamation was for potential flooding.

“We made an emergency proclamation, letting folks know about the potential for flooding,” said Chilcotte. “We’re exceeding the flood stage right now, but with the forecast, we’re not seeing along the Bitterroot and its tributaries any major flooding right now, but we do see the potential for minor flooding and we want people to know. It also allows us to be ready if something happens with the weather pattern and temperatures that we can escalate to free up resources to combat or mitigate the emergency.”

Chilcotte detailed some of the waterways of concern to county emergency officials.

“We’re certainly looking at the upper stretches and the south part of the valley on the east and west forks, along with some of the creeks that are coming down at a high velocity,” he said. “We’re just trying to make people aware that there is a potential for flooding and that we’ve put out some sandbags and made those available so folks can prepare for high-flow water.”


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