Ravalli County Commissioners gave in to public pressure this morning at a meeting to amend the county sign ordinance, and tabled proposed changes.

Commissioner Suzy Foss says an effort has been underway for quite some time to update various county ordinances to comply with state law. An amendment to the present ordinance that would have made it possible to post signs and billboards up to 337 square feet ran into local opposition.

Foss says many small businesses are located off county roads, and it is difficult to post an effective sign to promote such businesses because of terrain and other problems.

Many at the meeting expressed concern that bigger signs and billboards would deface the beauty of the Bitterroot Valley that so many visitors travel to see.

Foss says a great deal of public comment has been received over the issue, so commissioners have tabled any changes for now until another public meeting can be scheduled within the next few weeks.

Foss says the public process is working, and citizens are being heard.

Ravalli County Commissioner Suzy Foss

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