Four days after the storm, and Missoula is still faced with cases of homes with power outages. Around 18,000 people were left with no power Monday night, and by Thursday there was still a couple hundred in the dark.  Butch Larcomb from NorthWestern Energy says they are hoping to restore all power back by tonight.

"Were making really good progress in Missoula today," Larcomb said. "We are down to about 200-500 customers I think that are out of power in the broader Missoula area. We still have a bigger number of customers out in the Linda Vista, South Hills area. We are hoping to have all people in the broader area all back in tonight. In Linda Vista were rebuilding the transmission line, and were making good progress. We told people we thought we would have it done by tonight and we are still thinking that's the case."

Larcomb recognizes that it has been an inconvenience to people, but crews have been working nonstop.

"We have outages all the time, this one just happens to be a very large one and one that's way longer than most of them," Larcomb said. "We've had tremendous cooperation from customers which we really appreciated. We've had some great work by our people that have been working almost around the clock to get people back their power. I hope people really appreciate their efforts, and we understand it's been frustrating but it's not that anybody hasn't been trying to get their power back."

If your power is still out by 4pm, call 888-467-2669.

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