The Missoula County Sheriff's Department has received word that a company called "Property Transfer Services" is vastly overcharging their customers for copies of documents that should only cost a few pennies.

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said on Tuesday that this activity is not technically a scam.

"Someone who works here in the county courthouse brought us a letter out of the county treasurer's office," Pavalone said. "It came out of a company from Wilmington, Delaware. The letter said people could pay a fee of $85.00 and have a deed for their house and other tax information provided,"

Pavalone said the Missoula County Clerk's office notified her that there was no affiliation between their office and Property Transfer Services.

"The actual fees that our county officials would charge are fifty-cents for the first page, and twenty-five cents for all other pages," Pavalone said.

Pavalone encouraged anyone who believe they are being scammed, should contact the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, or the Better Business Bureau.

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone

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